What is a hernia?

A hernia is a weakness in the muscle of the abdomen. Often the intestines or internal fat will protrude into the hernia. They mainly occur in the groin, the belly button, or along a previous surgical incisions. The can also occur in random parts of the abdominal wall or even in the diaphragm. Often patients will notice a bulge or pain at this site of a hernia. Hernias can be dangerous when they squeeze or strangle the intestine or fat resulting in emergency surgery and serious complications.

Common Hernias

Inguinal Hernia
Groin or pelvic hernias. Most patients notice a bulge or pain in their groin or genital area.
Umbilical Hernia
Belly button hernia. Often referred to a an “outie” belly button. Many women will notice these types of hernias after a pregnancy.
Femoral Hernia
Hernia on the upper part of the leg where it joins the pelvis.
Sports Hernia
Hernias seen primarily in athletes. They often present with chronic groin pain without a noticeable bulge.
Ventral Hernia
Hernias anywhere on the abdominal wall. Commonly seen between the belly button and the breast bone.
Hiatal Hernia
When the stomach or colon herniates thru the diaphragm up into the chest.
Incisional Hernia
A hernia that occurs under a previous surgical incision.